I Guess I'm A Robot Now

2012-07-21 15:19:24 by KajinChunsaMusic

If there's one thing about life, it's the iffy-ness of the characters in this play-- you don't know which ones you can trust, which ones you can love, which ones to hold as an inspiration or which ones you will stay with. I know this in the truest form now, but have experienced it for the last God knows how many years. Recently, I was put through a trial of abandonment in the truest form possible.

That record label I was talking about? It was a complete fake. They didn't even show up. I waited out in the parking lot for hours just to be left stood up like a fool. Now, if there's one thing I hate, it's people who can't take me seriously. Boss Records is this company and the friend who was supposed to be my hook-up through it, fuck him too! Also, my ex-girlfriend who was supposed to spend the weekend with me? She completely bailed out-- changed her numbers and completely blocked me from her life. Her name?

Kay Zarate-Roxx

The fakest person in the world. Right now I'm brief, but the pain, the agony and sorrow I feel is unbearable. I've had thoughts of suicide, but... what would that do? Nothing. She wouldn't care either way. Neither would anyone else. For some reason, I still love her and am in love with her, but I don't think it's her per se, it's the person I met when I first met her.

Anyways, I guess it's all over now. My soul is drained, my mind is broken and my heart has become a cold, bitter, emotionless haven. I guess I'm a robot now. All I care about is 3 things:

1) God
2) Music
3) Myself

I don't care about anyone else. I don't care about anything else. I have no love, no trust. Nothing. It's funny, my life has always been this way and it's almost like my name is some fucking prophecy or something like that. Let me teach you guys some Korean:

Kajin Chunsa, pronounced: Gay-jean Chon-sah

I've had this name since I was 11. It started in English. It means "broken angel" and it depicts the story of the saddest man this world's ever seen. This man could never get over his past and the garbage treatment that he suffers daily only makes his past seem more apparent. He feels not good enough for anyone and will die a broken soul. Now look at what I just posted. Coincidence much?

I Guess I'm A Robot Now


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